ALL which is in the Extasium impacts the sound quality

Eight acoustic paintings

The main picture, "The Door of the Ecstasy" consists of four panels of 1,20m of sides each, is 2,40m x 2,40m. He is surmounted by the fifth one, "The Royal road" of 1m x 1m.
This set includes approximately one thousand five hundred LEDs cabled in the hand which liven up in music thanks to a multitude of electronic modules conceived specially. The paint includes four very different levels each which appear only according to the lighting, white, in color, fluorescent or phosphorescent in the black.

Seven paintings on the side walls and at the bottom are fixed by metallic gudgeons assuring a connection solid and removed from the wall of 2cm. They have several functions:
—The first one is a pictorial decoration in white light resuming the structure of the main picture.
—The second is to give a very soft perspective in color to listen to the music using LEDs placed behind the painting in an artistic composition.
—The third, and main, is to sculpture the sound so as to give the illusion that walls disappeared acoustically. That is why these paintings were baptized  Sound-Sculptor".

The cloth of all these paintings is coated in front of and behind from fifteen to twenty layers of various varnishes which, by the produced tensions, are transformed into gigantic passive loudspeakers plunging the auditor into an acoustic environment of a breathtaking realism.
The cases of Sound-Sculptors are also covered inside and outside with numerous layers of unknown special "varnishes" in the universe of the sound.
Up to the gudgeons of bindings which are surrounded with synthetic leather covered with several layers of these special varnishes.

sound system specially conceived

Loudspeakers sculpture the sound actively.

They represent two characters: " Mister i and Lady o  . The eyes represent those of the artist and of his godchild Melody. They have the peculiarity to work with a single said loudspeaker " wide range " by loudspeaker. Having no filtering they give a perfectly coherent sound. They get a sound realism impossible to achieve with the traditional loudspeakers which use several speakers with filters very disturbing when we wish a sound which really makes real.
Their shape is the resultant of the flow) of the sound energy in the material and in the volumes following the dynamic, static and aerodynamic principles applied by Alain Gabriel.
A particular attention was brought to the treatment of the internal and external surfaces which are covered with several layers of varnish special as all the rest of the room. This ensures a very big impression of  TRUTH while listening.

The cables of connections —Between the ampli, the reader CD, the loudspeakers where they are welded with silver directly on the modified loudspeakers, including the microphones of very high level — are all realized in the hand and are identical so that the sound is not altered by various models. They take back architecture very former but forgotten by stiff cables improved by the use of deoxygenated copper covered with silver.

The electronic devices are covered with a dressing which aims at protecting them of the vibrations parasites aerials or coming from the ground and at filtering those whom they send back in the room.

The acoustics of the room

Usually the professional acousticians are interested first and foremost in the frequency of echo of the room. To delete it, they use very voluminous materials which decrease largely the available space and the obtained sound countered more or less suffocated.

The principle developed here does not take into account it because it gives priority to the processing  of a very big subtlety of the harmonious and the unwanted standing waves. Against the latter, we arranged four columns along the wall of the bottom taking back a known architectural method since Antiquity. They are surmounted in capital of oblique volumes. The set aims at assuring a dispersal optimum of these unwanted waves.

The whole room is covered of a kind of skin constituted by diverse uncommon materials in acoustics. It varies in thickness of very fine, 1mm approximately behind surrounding walls in more thick towards sides and more still towards bottom, approximately 2cm. The visible part is leather synthetic painted and covered with nine layers of various varnishes alternating the mat and the brilliant according to very precise places and finely sanded.

The furniture

Seats coming from a cinema were reshaped a large number of time so that their presence does not alter the reproduction of the sound and compensates the possible lack of spectators. They are covered with the same skin as the walls with them even layers of varnish.