33 Years of Research and Adjustment
An Amazing Journey

In a World of Flashing Lights
On The Rythm of Dream Maker Music
Recorded uncompressed in the Extasium

Starting from the idea of animating a painting with music, Alain Gabriel Bisson ended up after 33 years of solitary research without funding with an acoustic and visual space providings amazing magical effects.

Extasium enables a large audience to experience in a breathtaking show intense and lasting feelings : the extasis , very quickly without preparation, using neither drug nor belief of any kind.

The extasis stands for a specific state of mind where an individual feels "as if he was carried out of himself". It is described as a rapture, a climax or an extreme feeling of joy.

The Extasium, while producing a subtle and strong aesthetic pleasure, allows to free yourself from everyday mental barriers, in order to easily access overhaulted higher conscience fields usually meant for a very limited number of persons, and for broader audience to free themselves from stress.

The "Dream Machine" is the result of several artistic, technologic and historical discoveries. Its
"master plan" or rather assembly instructions, has been found coded in the most mysterious book written almost two thousands years ago.

Many paranormal activities,
strange circumstances and coincidences have surrounded and oriented the adjustment of outstanding project : The Dream Maker music in particular made from the Extasium in a Total Art.

This quest has been transcripted in the "Extasium" Book that is now available either as a digital file or a regular book and can be found at
lulu.com or Amazon signed by : Alain Gabriel.

A music erupts from the painting itself. It stuns the audience much more than other music. The very image that it displays tends to react with non prepared person. Just by watching it at specific times, it induces a brain connection with another world (at least that's the feeling people get from this experience) and they start singing spontaneously a song that seems to derives from another dimension.

It can not be compared to improvisation.

After the singing sessions that really drives everybody to feel good, the singers forget about it. But the sessions have been all recorded and digitally stored since 1999. Some of them are wrapped in clothes of electro . We decided to call this singing band Dream Maker .

A film scrip:
The way this discovery has been made and the extraordinary circumstances surrounding its research and fine tuning should really be tuned into a movie scrip and then shoot to make it a breathtaking story.

The electronic schemes being based upon pure logic, then came an idea at the beginning of the eighties that if I went along with it to an extreme extend, I should end up with a painting that would be so thrilling that it would eclipse any other kind of entertainment. An idea, or an inspiration that would seem completely crazy at that time…!

I found the design basis for the structure of my work (I’m an architect) on october the 27th 1981, my birthday. Ever since I went along following that quest, my personal Graal .

A Mandala ! But an animated interactive mandala ! A true message of Hope... That’s What discovered and wish to share with a large audience through the means of the cinema.